One of the biggest misconceptions regarding buying products and services is to think that services are just like products. It’s easy to think of medical or legal services as like something that you go to a grocery store for, read the label, and make a decision. It’s not that simple. In many cases, you have to actively dig up the information. In many cases, you have to have a particular mental and intellectual framework to work with so you can actually make the best informed decision. Make no mistake about it, while it’s important to maximize the value for your hard-earned dollars, you also have to be guarded regarding your medical care options because this is your health we’re talking about. Be very careful as to which company you entrust your health to. This is why it is very important to pay attention to the proper considerations when sizing up your options. When you have a specific blueprint as to how to compare different alternatives, your chances of making the right decision increase. Keep the following factors in mind.


The whole point of an urgent care facility like Doctors Express is that they spare you the inconvenience of having to line up at the emergency ward of your local hospital. The primary value an urgent care facility brings to the table is convenience. However, there might be many urgent care facilities in your area and some may be more convenient than others. Pay attention to this factor.

Hassle-free Experience

Ask the particular urgent care facility that you’re thinking of going to how quickly it is to get processed. Is there a lot of friction in the intake process? Is there a lot of steps that you need to through? Is the whole process unnecessary bureaucratic? These are some key factors to understand because if you go to a health facility and it involves a lot of unnecessary steps, you probably might be better off going to a hospital because you would probably still go through the same hoops.


Just as there are different kinds of facility locations with different staff members, there are also different levels of equipment. Some urgent care facilities have most of the equipment needed to stabilize a wide range of medical conditions. Others have the bare minimum. In many cases, these facilities are focused on stabilizing patients that suffered accidents. Be clear as to the equipment that a particular urgent care facility as this can play a big role in terms of the quality of service you get.

Professional Staff

While almost all urgent care facilities have a physician on board, this is not enough. The facility has to have the right kind of doctor. At the very least, the doctor should have be specialized in providing emergency care services. These emergency care services are of course tailored to stabilize the patient long enough so that the patient can get specialized help later on.

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Going to the doctor can be a very stressful situation. Most people would rather be elsewhere than in a medical clinic. This is perfectly understandable. Usually, when you find yourself in a medical clinic, it’s going to involve some sort of paying or some sort of medical condition that requires some level of discomfort or hassle on your part. Nobody wants to be in that position.

Still, you might want to consider seeing a urologist if your experience the following conditions. If you ignore these signs, you might just be setting yourself up to a lengthier stay in the hospital or some serious heavy-duty medical procedures, including an operation.

Difficulties urinating

If you’re having a tough time urinating, this is a key sign that you need to get professional help. Whether you’re urinating in dribbles or you experience ‘pressure’ when urinating or your urine flow stops completely, this is a serious sign that you need to visit a urologist. And you need it quickly. You shouldn’t wait. Otherwise, whatever underlying medical condition is behind your difficulties might get worse. In many cases, patients wait until their situation has deteriorated to a certain level before they get help. Don’t do this.

A urologist specializes in ensuring that your neurological system operates smoothly. If you’re unable top urinate properly, this means that urine production and urine transport throughout your system has been compromised enough for you to seek professional medical attention.

Discolored urine over a long period of time

Another key sign that you should get the services of a urologist is when your urine is obviously discolored. Periodic discoloration from time to time may be okay because of changes in the chemical make-up of your blood or your diet or certain lifestyle practices. That’s fine. However, if you see that your urine actually has been discolored over a long period of time, this is a serious red flag. Something is fundamentally wrong with your health, and you might want to see a urologist.

No need to panic though. There are many reasons why urine changes color. In some cases, it can be as harmless as change in the diet. In other cases, it might actually be an early-warning sign for fundamental problems that involves your personal urology.

Pain in your kidney area

If you’re feeling pain in your lower back above your buttocks, this might involve your kidney. Kidney problems are increasingly becoming common in the United States due to the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes. When you develop Type 2 diabetes, it actually impacts organs in your body that involve very fine blood vessels. Your kidneys definitely fit this kind of description.

If you’re feeling pain in a progressive way or the pain simply won’t go away, don’t wait until it gets worse. It’s a good idea to get in touch with a urologist as soon as possible to take care of the problem once and for all.

Constant or long-running pain in your bladder

Basically, if you’re feeling pain in your bladder, it works in the same way as the pain described in the kidney area above. You should see a urologist.

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Did you know that skin care involves more than just the stuff that you put on your skin? Did you know that an adequate skin care routine involves more than just being conscientious on how you keep your skin covered and what you expose your skin to?

skin care for faceIn fact, skin care is actually plugged into all other systems that make up your human experience. When you take a human being, you’re actually looking at many different systems in concert with each other. For optimal health, your digestive system has to work system along with your circulatory system, your respiratory system, and all other systems. Think of your body as a balloon. When you press down on a certain part of the balloon, other parts swell up. This is because a balloon is a closed system. Everything is interrelated to each other.

The same way, you might think that how your think, your emotions, and your mental outlook are completely divorced from how your skin looks, but you would be absolutely wrong. The amount of stress you’re under actually impacts the overall health of your skin.

This is why it’s really important to understand that skin is not just skin deep and to speak with a dermatologist on a regular basis says Dr. Fields in Naples, Florida. Skin care also involves paying attention to what you eat. Skin care also involves paying attention to the kind of stresses you subject yourself to as well as the thoughts that you think. If you adopt a holistic attitude towards skin care, you go a long way in developing healthier skin overall. Keep the following tips in mind.

Your sleeping patterns impact your skin health

Did you know that you need enough hours of sleep every single night to adequately repair your system?

You probably know that you need to rest, but you probably didn’t know that you need to sleep enough hours for your system to get an adequate opportunity to properly repair, restore, and maintain itself. Otherwise, if you cheat yourself in terms of sleeping time, this can lead to all sorts of problems, and the most obvious problem of course is skin health.

One of the easiest forms of effective skin care is to ensure that you get enough hours of sleep every single night. This might be inconvenient at first, but it’s definitely well worth it if you look at the mirror, and you see younger looking and more vibrant skin.

Stress impacts your skin

Did you know that emotional and intellectual stress impacts your skin? That’s right. When you’re always stressed out, you might be so stressed that you don’t take the proper supplements, and this can lead to a constant tension. This can wear down your system at many different levels, and this be reflected in your skin. If you have lots of lines, or you look more tired than you actually are, that may be due to stress rather than the kind of ointments you put on your skin.

See common medical dermatology conditions here.

Your diet impacts your skin health

The impact that your diet plays in your overall skin health cannot be emphasized enough. Your skin is always in need of certain nutrients and vitamins so that it can properly restore and heal itself. Obviously, your diet choices impact the overall level of nutrients in your system. If you don’t eat the right stuff, your skin can’t get enough vitamins to properly nourish and as a result can look haggard, worn, or tired. You owe it yourself as far as adequate skin care is concerned to eat the right diet.

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skin careYou might be enjoying life. You might be living a very active lifestyle. You might think life is going really great. However, it’s always a good idea to look in the mirror to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape. You might just be surprised at what you see staring back at you when you look at the mirror says Dr. Toscano of RedBamboo in Clearwater, Florida. Here’s a hint: look very closely. You might just discover that you’re the victim of premature skin aging.

This might sound like a wild claim but this sense of denial is also the reason why too many Americans don’t handle premature aging soon enough.

You have to keep in mind that premature skin aging often happens under your nose. It’s truly under the radar phenomenon. In many cases, people think that they are in the pink of health but in reality, their skin is degrading. Oftentimes, when they reach a point that they realize that they need to be proactive about their own overall skin health, it is a case of too little too late.

Does this mean that the damage is irreversible? Absolutely not. However, to arrest the problem and replenish your skin so you can nourish it back to health, it can take much longer than if you were a bit more proactive.

If you would like to hold back the years, you might want to look into dermal fillers. Dermal fillers fill in wrinkles. Here are the reasons why you should consider dermal fillers.

Wrinkles can make you look old

This seems like so basic and so straightforward that it’s like common sense. Unfortunately, many Americans conduct their business in such a way that it seems that common sense is not so common nowadays. It would seem that it’s pretty straightforward that your wrinkles would add years to your appearance. But if you live an active lifestyle under the sun, all these wrinkles can actually make you look older than your actual age. We recommend a serious dose of Botox for your skin to enhance appearance and eliminate wrinkles. Here are some services.

Wrinkles start small but spread very quickly

This is where you should pay attention to dermal fillers. You have to remember that wrinkles are like cracks in the foundation of a home. You might not notice it at first. At first, it seems like really small and innocuous. But the more you ignore it, the larger the problem becomes.

Thankfully, unlike structural foundation issues, wrinkles can be arrested. They can actually be made to go away with dermal fillers like collagen. The key is to be more proactive.

Fight wrinkles the smart way

There are many ways to fight wrinkles. There are all sorts of ointments, topical lotions, and creams on the market. There is no shortage of solutions to wrinkles.

The problem is if you want immediate results as well as nourishing results over the long haul, you might want to consider dermal fillers. Wrinkles are not just your only problem. Wrinkles always work in tandem with creases. When you smile, there are certain creases on your skin. All these factors play out, and they work together to make you look older than you are. If you want to fight aging in a very proactive way, you have to seriously consider dermal fillers.

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older menI am only in my mid 30s and yet people mistake me to be somewhere between 45 and 50 years old. I guess I do not blame these people because indeed my face has aged a lot on account of the stress that I get from my work and family. I even look older than my eldest sibling who is in fact 12 years older than me. It was sometimes embarrassing not only on my part but also on the part of the people who mistook my age but I guess I only had myself to blame then because I never addressed the issue when in fact there was an available solution.

I wanted to visit a medi spa clinic but was so ashamed to do it because I felt that it was no place for men. I had the impression that medical spa clinics are only for women and are not for men. It was a good thing that a close friend of mine made me change my view on medical spa clinics and dermatologists when he brought me in one of the medical spas available in our place. I was so surprised to find out that indeed the medical spa is a place for both women and men. I realized that men have also become more conscious on the effects of aging and stress in their face and skin and are becoming proactive in preventing or reducing these undesirable effects.

It did not take me a long time before a doctor examined me and heard my concerns. I was advised that my skin had indeed undergone an advanced aging process because of stress. Since I cannot do anything about the stress I experience daily, what I can do is to undergo skin care treatments to address the wrinkles and excessive skin fold on my face. I was presented by the doctor with various treatment options that included Botox , dermal fillers, IPL and PRP.

Since I knew nothing of those treatments, I just told my doctor to give the treatment that best suits me for as long as I get the results that I desired which was to look younger or at least look right for my age.

I received botox injections and a week after it was injected to me; I noticed a significant improvement in my wrinkles. The wrinkles were no longer very obvious as it used to be. People also started teasing me that I looked younger and this really and this really made feel great and become more confident.

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Compounding pharmacies are dedicated in providing patients with the best methods of administration to suit their specific needs. Compounding is simply the process of combining and processing appropriate ingredients as medication using various tools. When it comes to pain management, a compounding pharmacy normally resorts to topical solutions, as this is the most direct way of treating affected areas and it minimizes side effects as well.

Key Ingredients to Relieve Chronic Pain

A great advantage of compounded medications is that it can be transformed into topical solutions that directly relieves the affected pain areas. A reputable compounding pharmacy can prepare treatments using any of the following combination of key active ingredients in a variety of strengths to relieve chronic pain:

  • pain management clinicGabapentin
  • Ketamine
  • Amitriptyline
  • Clonidine
  • Baclofen
  • Lidocaine
  • Cyclobenzaprine

Regarding Pain Management

Pain management in crucial because it prevents people from enjoying the simple joys of life, like walking down the park or carrying their own personal items. Even mundane tasks such as dialing a number could be excruciatingly painful for people suffering from acute or chronic pain. Now compounding pharmacies with specialized Tampa pain management doctors have found a way to help people with debilitating and chronic pain have a less painful life by creating customized medication and treatments for their ailments. They have realized that compounding medications that are administered transdermally is the most efficient delivery system. Instead of going the long route when it comes to oral medication, transdermal medication is directly absorbed by the skin, streaming the medicine directly to the blood system. Within seconds patients would be able to feel a noticeable pain alleviation. Furthermore, transdermal transmission causes less side effects and irritation to the digestive system, ensuring that the product directly goes to the bloodstream instead of detouring in the digestive system first, which would mean longer route before any sign of effect takes place.

Compounding Offers Alternatives

A great benefit of compounding is that it offers medications not normally found in other pharmacies. Since they are customized in topical form, they are not found in commercially available products. They include:

Ketoprofen is in a group of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It works by reducing hormones that cause inflammation and pain in the body, and is often used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis.

Guaifenesen is related to metrobammate, carisorodol, mephenesin and methocarbamol. It is believed that it acts by interrupting the polysynaptic reflex arc in the spinal cord and in the brain stem. While most commonly known for its use as an expectorant, has been shown to have muscle relaxation qualities.

Magnesium Chloride is an inorganic salt. It has clearly demonstrated versatility as a healing mineral for migraines and pain management, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and memory. When applied to external wounds it has shown favorable effects, making it ideal for wound cleansing. When taken orally, it was a powerful immuno-stimulant, exhibiting a broad tonic effect from its immune bolstering capabilities.

Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant. It works by blocking nerve impulses (or pain sensations) that are sent to your brain. It is the well-studied drug for this application and it also has been used for treating fibromyalgia.

For a complete list visit Trinity Pharmacy at
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doctorsMy children never miss their vaccinations from their pediatrician not even for a single day. Their doctor and I have known each for several years and since the beginning that the doctor had been looking after my two young kids, I had never let another pediatrician see them. As a matter of fact, if there was no urgency to see my kids’ doctor and the latter was not around, I would just ask for another appointment rather than have my children seen by her assistant. I guess I can’t blame myself after having a bad experience with an earlier pediatrician that really made doubtful on some doctors.

My children almost missed their last vaccination right after we came from a family vacation. It was the last day for their vaccination when we arrived from our vacation. Considering the urgency and without prior appointment, we immediately proceeded to my children’s pediatrician to have their vaccine. We were not able to see them after the doctor called in sick because of flu. I wanted to settle with the assistant since it left me no choice but the assistant was likewise sick and there was no other doctor available to administer the vaccination.

I did not know what to do and I did not want my children to miss their vaccines since I considered their vaccination to require an urgent care. I called a friend and she suggested that I can visit Doctors Express Urgent Care which was not far from the pediatrician’s clinic. In proceeded to the said clinic and was worried that I might not be accommodated because I did not have any appointment. It turned out that it was a walk n clinic and patients could be accommodated even without prior appointment. There were a lot of patients waiting at the reception area and I was again worried that my children might not get their vaccines. I was so delighted that we were accommodated in less than 30 minutes I gave the forms to the receptionist. A young doctor approached me and took the medical history of my children. The doctor was very polite and she appeared to know everything she was talking about. It did not take me a long time to feel comfortable with her. My children liked her too because she was very kind and friendly to my kids.

The doctor was very gentle in handling my children and it was not long after that my children finally completed their vaccination. I was so pleased with the services we received from the clinic and I would definitely return to the clinic for my other medical needs.

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This blog post will give you a quick rundown of what to do, natural health-wise, for different areas of your body.

healthy tips for living


Coconut oil, omega-3 fatty acids, exercise, and brain games will be good for your brain, and help your brain counteract age-related dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and fatigue.


Getting enough sunlight exposure safely and taking strong antioxidants can help your eyes. Eating dark green, fresh vegetables can also help your eyes. Try making green soups or juices every day to get at least seven servings of fruits and vegetables daily.


Cut back on your intake of sugary foods, get enough exercise, drink whey protein, limit your stress, and keep your cholesterol at healthy levels.


Cut down on air pollutants in your home, move to a cleaner place, use natural cleaning products in your home, and stop smoking.


Eat a really healthy diet is good for your nutritional type, and eat mostly whole foods. Leafy, dark green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and kale will also help your skin. You might consider buying a vegetable juicer. Foods that are high omega-3 fatty acids can also help. You should only use certified organic, natural skincare products.


Omega-3 fatty acids, Curcumin, and vitamins D3 & K can help with your joints.

Stomach & Intestines

Fermented foods, consuming raw, whole foods, and probiotics can help safeguard your stomach & intestines, and keep you regular.

Taking care of your health is easy – it just requires you eat the right foods with the right nutrients and exercise enough. It’s not rocket science, but so few people get off track because their busy lives preclude them from eating right, exercising enough, or sleeping well.

If you’re serious about getting healthy, then start shopping at the health food store, and invest in a juicer and gym membership.

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organic-foodDo you like the appeal and taste of organic food, but you don’t like the price? You can get organic foods with some smart cooking and shopping, and you won’t have to break your budget for food.

There are a lot of places to buy organic foods nowadays, and you have a lot more options when it comes to finding great deals on food. There are major big brand name grocery stores that carry organic food now, plus there are specialty stores, health food stores, farmers’ marketers, and food co-ops. Consider going straight to local biodynamic gardeners to get the best organic food at the lowest price. Not going through the middleman can save you a lot of money.

If you don’t really shop around, there’s a chance you could end up paying too much for organic food. Even though most people are willing to pay a little more for organic food, they’re not able or willing to do so week after week.

Do Ample Research

You have a ton of choices for organic food where you live. It just takes a little research to discover them. Just type the name of your city and “organic” into a search engine, and you’ll see a lot come up.

Try Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets are excellent sources of local produce. A ripe tomato from a farm nearby tastes a lot better than a tomato that’s been shipped halfway across the world. It’s also going to be cheaper at a farmers’ market. The trick to landing good deals at farmers’ markets is to ask plenty of questions. Ask about bruised produce, and whether you can get it at a discount. Ask about buying in bulk for a discount. Ask what tastes the best.

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If you are suffering from cataracts, the only way to completely recover and to get rid of the cataracts is to have cataract surgery. This procedure typically involves the removal of the lens of your eye, which is the part affected by cataracts. The lens will be replaced with an artificial lens to give you clear, unclouded vision. Though the surgery may sound painful and difficult, it’s actually relatively quick. In fact, you don’t even have to stay overnight in a hospital. Directly following your surgery, you may have someone drive you home.

Recovery from cataract surgery typically doesn’t take long. It is important to note, however, that in some rare cases, complications from surgery can develop. It is wise to be aware of these potential complications, which can include:

  • Inflammation or swelling of the eye
    Vision loss
    Development of new vision problems

If you do develop any of these complications, don’t panic. Most are easily treatable. The important thing is that you see a doctor regularly after your surgery and that you report any strange symptoms or problems.

Many people find that they are nervous about undergoing cataract surgery, but there’s really no need to be. Most people are in and out of surgery in under an hour. The procedure typically involves dilating the pupil through simple, painless eye drops. You will also be given, in most cases, a sedative to help you relax and an anesthetic to numb the area where the surgery is performed. In most cases, you will not be put to sleep during the surgery. This part can be intimidating to many people, but remember, you won’t feel anything. Furthermore, once the surgery is complete, you will be on your way to healthy eyes and good vision.

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